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Details and rules about out flying fields..

                                                       ABOUT OUR FIELD  (Area 52) 



Bay City Flyers is one of the premier RC flying sites in the Tampa Bay area. Our field consists of two 80x800' intersecting runways running north-south and east-west, two 100' shelters, a pilots' lounge, and well-manicured grounds.

Our members fly everything you can imagine. From warbirds, giant scale, foamies, helicopters - you name it, we fly it!


We offer programs to introduce the hobby to younger generations, by hosting demonstrations and instruction to local schools and Civil Air Patrol, amongst others. We offer free membership to all members 18 and under.

We have two flying fields. Our flagship Area 52 is located in Land O'Lakes, Florida and our pond site is in Tampa. Directions to the field can be found on the website.

If you would like to check them out, contact a club officer. Our landlord requires the gate to be locked at all times; an officer will be happy to arrange a time to meet and show you around.

If you are thinking about trying radio control, we have several instructors to get you oriented. Instruction is always free of charge!



Revised Message to all Bay City Flyers

We must adhere to this requirement

 Flying on the Conner Preserve before dawn and after sundown is prohibited.  Remember to keep the main gate locked at all times.

The Connors Preserve is now officially open to Hikers and Bikers.  We have experienced failure by both groups to properly close the Main Entry Gate.  Effective immediately, the  combination lock must be locked in place securing the heavy chain when you are coming and going.  Virtually this means you will be at the field and the main gate will be secured with the combination lock.  This method will prevent the Hikers and Bikers from driving into the Preserve and ensure that they park in the designated area outside the main gate.


The following has been added to the original e-mail: 

When entering the Preserve grounds, relock the gate as mentioned above and check all locks to confirm they are properly installed and locked preventing the gate from being  opened.   In order to enter, the horse people will have the combination to the SWFWMD lock.   However, it is the responsibility of all BCF members to make certain that all locks are  locked when entering or leaving the field preventing the gate from being opened.

Do not at anytime allow anyone to follow you in, other than BCF Members.  Immediately lock the gate as you enter.  Horse people with the proper permits from SWFWMD will have the  SWFWMD lock combination to open the proper lock.  All hikers and bikers must park outside the main gate and enter through the walk through opening.    

BCF, Sec.

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