Members and Their Planes - Bill McCallie

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Bill McCallie and his japanese Zero fighter plane:

DSC 8867R

DSC 8871R

DSC 9006R

DSC 9012R

.....and his F6F Hellcat:

IMG 0114R

IMG 0122R

IMG 0124R

IMG 0115R


....and his Spitfire fighter plane:

DSC 8941R

DSC 8976R

DSC 8979R

..... and his WACO SRE (and buddy Gordon):

DSC 9042R

DSC 9051R

DSC 9053R

DSC 9070R

..... and his Hawker Tempest warbird:

IMG 3984R

IMG 3986R

IMG 3990R

..... and his Corsair warbird:

DSC 0178 tn

DSC 0180 tn

..... and his P-47 bubble-top warbird:

DSC 0217 tn

DSC 0213 tn

DSC 0214 tn

..... and his Heinkel He100 warbird, scratch-built based on Jerry Bates plans, with a wingspan of 102" and powered by a DA-85 engine:

IMG 0058 tn

IMG 0052 tn